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Helen Petlin

Helen Petlin

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Biography Petlin
Singer Petlin , was born on October, 9, 1978 in the city of Kiev on a dawn. Preschool training has received from mother (in the past of the talented actress of ballet). In 6 years age has acted in high school №7 in which has studied up to 7-th class, 8-10 classes finished already in high school №306. During study at school caused admiration of teachers of the literature of the compositions and verses which writes with 13 years. Favourite subjects were: the Russian and Ukrainian literature, the English language, music, dances. After the ending of 10-th class of school, has acted in the Kiev Pedagogical College on a speciality: the teacher of primary classes and the English language whom has safely finished in 1999.
In 15 years age Petlin for the first time has reflected on creation of own musical group and some the next years collected a command. The first command referred to as a name singer - Petlin's group and has existed not for a long time then has broken up because of discrepancy of musical sights. In 18 years Petlin it was christened in orthodox church then began to write Christian verses and songs. In one of Christian youth churches sang on a back-vocal. It is necessary to tell also and that in sort Petlin was a lot of singing in church chorus. The grandmother of the singer always skilfully and liked to sing and with pleasure sang for the grand daughter. During study in college, Petlin searched for the place in a life and actively participated in various creative actions as, for example, was the DJ in musical discos on the first rates. Its{her} friends and classmates liked to read her verses and songs. On last rates of college from the head of group, even "Star" has received nick name.Final work Petlin was on a theme "ekibana" and the singer has made 8 compositions of real flowers and has written very creative course work by this kind of art for which has received the distinction and work even has been submitted at an exhibition. On last rates of college, during student teaching, the singer has met the tutor on a vocal from which was occupied 3 years privately. It were first steps Petlin on a platform. Subsequently its{her} first song « my God » has been written and written down on one of Kiev a record of studios. In 19 years Petlin has decided to master a trade of photomodel and it began to be removed from private{individual} Kiev photographers. These first pictures have liked in modelling agency where the ambassador has come Petlin, has passed a curriculum and has worked some years. During 5 years Petlin actively cooperated (in parallel with musical business) with many modelling agencies of Kiev, Moscow and near abroad. But the final choice for the benefit of music has been made after the first successful publications about her in the newspaper and on radio. The others have been written to same time of 9 songs of her first album «The fire of my dreams ». Songs were grew fond to students, friends and admirers. The album in the beginning was duplicated by a small amount of copies. Subsequently in a gift variant (as the exclusive), has been distributed not only in territory of Ukraine, Russia, but also on the countries of Europe and America. Songs Petlin are always original and unique. The singer copies nobody on style and a format, her creativity is an absolute originality and does not give in to comparison neither with anything and with anybody. In 2001 Petlin has acted in the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts on branch of a vocal and in 2004 has successfully ended it. During training at university participated in concerts, acted in night clubs. Subsequently, after the first given interviews, began to be interested itself also in journalism and to write articles about the colleagues. Acquaintances to colleagues from show business have developed into strong friendship of the singer with many of them with which she is amicable to this day. The sociable and friendly singer is loved by friends, respect colleagues and appreciate for professionalism, talent and purposefulness in the chosen business. At present, singer Petlin wrote down the English-speaking album « The Territory of Female Fatal », some songs from which are written already down and advertised. On one of songs ”What did you mean”, “My Territory”, “New Year” the videoclips has been finished shooting, it is the first work of the singer in which she acted in a role not only singer, actress and model, but also itself wrote the script, selected actors, staged. Work was broadcast on local Kiev telechannels and has caused a storm of delight in admirers of creativity Petlin. A choice of the singer for the benefit of the English language for a spelling of a similar album not casual.During stay and performance in different countries, the last year from the songs the singer sang some in the English-speaking version and a composition were a success of an English-speaking audience. It and encountered Petlin on idea of such record of an album. It is necessary to notice, that the output of this album is waited very much by admirers of the singer. The album ,,The Territory of Female Fatal’’was realized at the territory of USA in short version, and in full version in Ukraine.In 2009 was made and launched in work singer’s online shop.From 2007 singer successful collaborate with many young talented foreign and Ukrainian artists and commands like manager and producer .From 2009 in top-list of wards appeared new names of artists from Sweden, USA and Canada.At nowadays singer Petlin working over new English album in trance style ,,Natural’’ that will realize in spring 2010 year, and too working over staging of new great show for central Europe and USA. Preparing to coming out new videoclips and documental film about singer Petlin to 10 years anniversary on the stage. The next dance album of singer about America is waiting right time for coming out.
The bibliography:
3. Participation in displays Art -creative to college - 2002
4. Participation in displays of the Ukrainian designers.
7. The invited visitor of projects of Jazz-variety school of 2003-2006.
14. The invited visitor Antaliya (Turkey), within the framework of performances - 2005.
17. Invited guest of concerts,events,performances in Bulgary, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Canada,USA.
18. PR-manager of commands Kurd Kings (Sweden),Replacing Jenny(USA) with 2009.
19. Producer of projects Love story (2007-2008), Sweet Candies(2008),coordinator of command La-Mur (2008).
20. Ukrainians projects of producer Petlin Alex Love (2009), Nastya Light (2009) .
<span style="New Year” (2009-2010)


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